Cruising with the TravelMate

Friendly Wheels, Issue 96
February 2016

With travel enthusiast Carol Jankowski and her family 

For Carol Jankowski and her family, being on the go is a part of life!


cruise ship 1

The Jankowskis are travel enthusiast from Linwood, Michigan. Along with her parents Tom and Pauline, Carol and her husband Matt recently set sail on a cruise from the coast of Maryland to the Bahamas.


On top of planning and packing, a few mobility arrangements were needed for Matt and Tom. Matt, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2002, uses his own POV/scooter daily. Tom has some difficulty walking long distance and benefits from the mobile transportation on vacation. Tom and Matt decided to take two Amigo TravelMates along to keep them mobile during their trip. 


The Jankowski's adventure began with a drive to Baltimore, Maryland. Arriving four days before the start of the cruise, the family seized the opportunity to tour the Baltimore/DC area. Not a moment was spared as they saw everything from the U.S. Naval Academy base in Annapolis, Maryland to national monuments, including the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. 


When the time came to set sail, the Jankowski's were ready to go! The weather may have started out a little chilly, but that didn't stop them from enjoying everything the cruise had to offer. The shows and casino drew the largest crowds, but they were nothing compared to Carol and Pauline's behind-the-scenes tour of the ship. They saw what it takes to run a cruise ship, including a meeting with the captain.  


cruise ship 2

Matt and Tom were able to take their Amigos everywhere they wanted or needed to go. "While they are compact and lightweight, they also seemed to maneuver well over any terrain," said Matt.


Whether they were used to get from one end of the ship to another or to explore new places, the TravelMates allowed them to stay independent during their travels. Even the wait staff on the cruise enjoyed the Amigos, fighting for the keys so they could take turns parking them in the dining rooms for dinner.


As TravelMates are available to either rent or own, Carol said "We loved the use of the Amigos and would not hesitate to own one in the future."


We love hearing stories about accessible travel, and can't wait to hear about the Jankowski's next travel adventure!


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