80 Years Young

Friendly Wheels, Issue 109
April 2017

With Al Thieme.



Today, we are excited to celebrate Al Thieme's 80th birthday! 

From his early days as a plumbing and heating contractor to founder and chairman of Amigo Mobility, Al's passion to help others has remained constant throughout his career. Approaching 50 years with Amigo, Al's impact on owners, customers and employees across multiple generations has been enormous. To truly measure his impact, we asked various individuals to share their thoughts on Al.



"Al's genius, his ideas and technical know-how combined with his entrepreneurial skills, has changed the lives of so many people, and his tireless dedication to the brand still continues today, even approaching 80.  Thank you, Al." 

John Newton, retired academic for The Open University (UK) and Amigo owner since 1984


"I have found Al to be sincerely concerned and interested in the needs of the users of his products.  He is always willing to 'go the extra mile' to help in any way that he can.  Al is an honest and honorable businessman and an admirable family man." 

- Tim Brown, Vice Chairman and Treasurer of the Michigan Polio Network and Amigo owner since 2011


"For the last 34 years, my Amigo(s) have taken me around the world, on many family adventures with my children and now grandchildren, and given me a life with few limits. Thanks to your creative mind, devotion to your 'family' around the world, and a lifetime of doing good, the world is a kinder and gentler place because of you.  Your legacy and your example lives on in the people who know and love you!" 

Shelley Peterman Schwarz, author of Home Accessibility and Amigo owner since 1983



"What Al's done for the disabled community is truly a miracle. One of the definitions for miracle is 'an amazing product or achievement... a machine which was a miracle of design.' Thank you Al for creating our miracle of design -- the Amigo!" 

- Ronnie Bachman, motivational speaker & author and Amigo owner since 1980


"I have known Al Thieme for 48 years and he's the same customer-oriented and business-driven individual he was when he started out. He's always had a tenacious, stick-with-it attitude as he strives for continuous improvement." 

Al Bussinger, Research & Development Engineering Manager and Amigo employee since 1983


"Going on 29 years at Amigo, one of the best lessons I've learned from Al is to trust your gut and not to over-analyze when an opportunity presents itself. I've learned that if you let someone make the first move, that window of opportunity may stay closed for a long time." 


Mike LaBrake, Director of Customer Service and Amigo employee since 1988


"Al Thieme is creative, a risk taker, persistent and most of all is driven to do what is best for the customer. I am proud to work with him for 42 years and count him as my best friend and husband." 

Beth Thieme, CEO, Amigo employee since 1975 and wife of Al Thieme



Thank you Al for touching the lives of so many people! We truly admire your incredible passion to help others. Have a wonderful birthday -- we look forward to many more to come!


Want to wish Al a happy birthday? Send your birthday wishes and special thoughts to Al by emailing happybirthdayal@myamigo.com


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Making Life Easier Making

with Shelley Peterman Schwarz


If you sometimes have trouble keeping track of your keys, hang them on a magnetic hook on the refrigerator door. Get in the habit of hanging the keys on the hook even before you take off your coat so you always know where they are.

If the refrigerator is too cluttered, the stove exhaust fad hood is also an option.

For more tips from Shelley, click here!





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