Choose any color of the rainbow to make your Amigo stand out from the rest!

Grey RDPurple RDPurple RDGrey RD

What you need to know about custom colors:

  • Custom colors are available at an upcharge of $400


  • Custom colors take a little longer to produce


  • When choosing a color, we suggest visiting a paint store to look at samples and send us your favorite - this allows us to match any color you choose!


  • Or, if you are familiar with automotive PPG colors, click here to review options and send us your favorite color number


Have questions?

Please call our customization department at 1-888-892-2580.

News Flash

A Family's Story of Reclaiming Hope

A Family's Story of Reclaiming Hope

Friendly Wheels, Issue 122

July 2018

In a time of crisis, it may be reassuring to know that there is another family that's experienced a similar situation: the Shepherds. James Shepherd and his mother founded the Shepherd Center, a not-for-profit hospital located in Atlanta, Georgia specializing spinal cord injury rehabilitation, in 1975 in response to an accident James endured as a young man. Learn more about his family's inspiring story.

This Amigo Owner Adds a Little Magic

This Amigo Owner Adds a Little Magic

Friendly Wheels, Issue 121

June 2018

Carrie Rostollan, a longtime member of the Amigo family, recently visited our Bridgeport facility for the Amigo Mobility Center open house. She shared with us some of her upcoming summer plans and entertained us with her magic tricks! Discover more about Carrie's 'magical' adventures.

How Writing Helped One Amigo Owner Connect

How Writing Helped One Amigo Owner Connect

Friendly Wheels, Issue 120

May 2018

Last summer Sister Karen Zielinski came to visit us at our headquarters in Bridgeport, Michigan. Sister Karen is a Sister of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio. Be sure to check out the Sisters' online store and learn more about Sister Karen.

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