Appropriate accessories increase the functionality of your Amigo to make your life easier. Customization is a unique hallmark distinction of Amigo brand products. You can even have your Amigo painted any color of the rainbow!

Amigo offers:

  • Baskets
  • Cane/crutch/oxygen tank holders
  • Power seat lifts
  • Upgraded tires
  • Custom seating
  • and much more!

It's easy to customize your Amigo to make it your own! Browse the accessories below or click here to view an accessories brochure to learn more.

RAM 18 Mount



Price: $61.00

Part number: 12065

The 18" arm length provides an extension for your favorite RAM product.



Price: $100.00

Part number: 394060

Adjustable arms allow for height adjustment from 1" (2.54 cm) lower than standard to 3" (7.62 cm) higher than standard arms.



Price: $64.00

Part number: 398073

Large rear basket



Price: $50.00

Part number: 398072

Small rear-mounted basket.




Price: $48.00

Part number: 11988

Rubber bumper for Amigo RT to protect platform edge, walls, doors and other surfaces from damage.


Price: $14.00

Part number: 300295

Cane holder for basket, available on the Viva, Classic FD, RT Express, RD and HD models.


RAM Cup Holder




Price: $31.00

Part number: 12066

Cup holder perfect for a variety of containers.

RAM Double Socket Mount




Price: $39.00

Part number: 12067

Provides a variety of mounting solutions.


Price: $750.00

Part number: 11185.20

Manufacturer of the only certified "Kosher Scooter," Amigo works in partnership with Zomet Institute in production of the Shabbat Amigo used on the Sabbath.



Price: $253.50

Part number: 8221.15

The Touchtron enclosure consists of a touch pad to operate unit controls and features.



Price: $25.00

Part number: 398074

70" safety flag promotes visibility; holder included.



Price: $26.00

Part number: 398023

Foot retainer keeps feet resting on platform without a securing strap.




Price: $41.60

Part number: 398022

Foot retainer keeps feet resting on platform with a securing strap.



Price: $135.00

Part number: 9913

 The crutch holder attaches to the back of the seat and is available on all Amigo models.



Price: $135.00

Part number: 9912

Oxygen tank holder added to back of Amigo seat; available on all models.



Price: $109.00

Part number: 9911

Walker holder for back of seat, available on most Amigo models.



Price: $45.00

Part number: 398067

Horn sounds when Amigo moves in reverse position.


amigo leg retainers 398002





Price: $76.00

Part number: 398002

The leg retainer pair supports upper thighs and hips within the seat.


Price (single): $175

Part number (single): 398005

Price (pair): $298

Part number (pair): 398006

Calf rests for added comfort.



Price: $175.00

Part number: 393000

Platform step allows for more comfortable foot placement for people with shorter legs.


RAM Hand case




Price: $117.00

Part number: 12064

Provides storage of documents, pens, pencils and much more.



Price: $690.00

Part number: 11300.20

The SmartSensor by Amigo provides protection and promotes safety.


Price: $35.00

Part number:11432

The battery-operated Alert Light provides high visibility in daylight and darkness on POV/scooters, power chairs and even bicycles!



Price: $42.00

Part number: 392022

Throttle extensions allow for easier grip of the forward/reverse levers.


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