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For your convenience, Amigo has listed the most popular service parts below. You can search by the following categories:

If you don't see the part you're looking for, please call the Amigo customer service team at 1.800.248.9131.



Price: $1.00

Part number: 7202

Grommet with 1 5/16 inch inside diameter for AC cord reel.




Price: $10.34

Part number: 9950

Shaft adjustment handle lever.




Price: $24.00

Part number: 9936

Oval handle.




Price: $38.00

Part number: 100466

Jackshaft with 13 teeth.




Price: $38.00

Part number: 100465

9 tooth jackshaft.




Price: $6.00

Part number: 1035

Fork jackshaft bushing for Amigo FD.



Price: $5.00 (2 Keys)

Part number: 7997

Key with fob. 2 Keys for for $5.00




Price: $28.00

Part number: 8079

Keylock with wire for Touchtron handle with key and ring.




Price: $5.25

Part number: 8681.10

T-style knob 5/16-18 x 1.6.



Price: $3.00

Part number: 8975.10

Injection molded throttle lever.




Price: $9.43

Part number: 3077

Extended strap for Amigo Lift-All.




Price: $20.00

Part number: 8933

Round headlight lens cover.




Price: $31.26

Part number: 10177

Headlight with wire kit for international with Touchtron.



Price: $33.12

Part number: 10539

Low beam headlight with wire harness.



Price: $20.00

Part number: 10710

Platform mat for the Amigo RT Express.



Price: $176.00

Part number: 980013

Lift-All motor.




Price: $15.00

Part number: 100940

Plug terminal with wire plug.



Price: $99.00

Part number: 7361.20

5 pin Touchtron potentiometer assembly with module.




Price: $99.00

Part number: 7361

3 pin Touchtron potentiometer assembly without module




Price: $38.00

Part number: 207000

Seat belt.




Price: $128.00

Part number: 9799

Upper seat lift post with accessories bracket.




Price: $30.45

Part number: 267005

Seat lock clamp.




Price: $58.00

Part number: 267000

Right side seat lock for Amigo RT and RD.




Price: $16.00

Part number: 1096

Switch E14-20M.

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